When can my dog start hydrotherapy sessions?

Your vet will advise when hydrotherapy can commence.  If your dog has had surgery you will usually need to wait until the stitches/staples have been removed.  Following some surgeries you will need to wait until your 6-8 week check up to ensure everything is ok before veterinary consent is given.

Can all dogs swim?

No not all dogs have the ability to swim and this can to be a learning process.  Confidence in the water is so important and we work very closely with you to achieve this. Certain medical conditions or injuries can be worsened by hydrotherapy.  Your dog’s medical history will be taken from you and your vet before hydrotherapy sessions can commence.

Why do I need a vet referral?

When treating any dog with hydrotherapy we are bound by the veterinary surgeons act 1966 and must seek veterinary consent for every dog we treat.  Your vet will need to confirm that your dog is fit and healthy and provide any relevant medical history. This is important to ensure that the treatment plan is appropriate for your dog.  We can contact your veterinary surgeon on your behalf or your vet can make a direct referral.


Can I claim on my insurance?

 Not all insurance policies cover hydrotherapy so you will need to call your insurer and ask for clarification of your policy.   All our hydrotherapy sessions must be paid for at the time and we do not make any direct claims with any insurance companies.


How clean and warm is the pool?

Our pool is heated at a constant 30 degrees and sanitised with chlorine.  We are trained in Pool Water Management and test our pool water three times a day to ensure sufficient disinfectant properties.  There is always the possibility of hair from the previous dog especially if it was quite a hairy breed but this is soon filtered from the pool water.

My dog has cancer can they still swim?

 Palliative treatment with hydrotherapy can assist with pain relief, relaxation and well- being.   Time spent in a warm water environment can be so beneficial for you and your dog.  However there are times when hydrotherapy is not permitted during chemotherapy treatment.  We will work with you and your vet to schedule appointments to fit in with your dog’s treatment.  

Can I swim with my dog?

We believe the best place to help motivate your dog is from the outside the pool where you can be involved every step of the way.  Our Hydrotherapists are there to ensure your dog receives the most from each and every session. How ever we do run regular workshops on ‘How to swim safely with you dog’  your dog must be a competent swimmer.  If you would like further information on our forthcoming workshops please email caninehydro@hotmail.co.uk


What if my dog doesn’t like water?

 We allow plenty of time for your dog to investigate and adjust to their new surroundings at the pool.  We will work with them and encourage them but it may take a few sessions for your dog to relax. Many dogs that don’t like water go on to be very confident swimmers much to the surprise of their owners.


My dog is a large breed can they still swim?

 Our pool is big enough to cope with larger breed dogs, with an extra wide ramp and big flat resting platform it offers plenty of space.  There is also the option of an extra Hydrotherapists to help handle your dog safely.


How long is a session?

 Your first appointment will be for 60 minutes.  This allows time for you to arrive, have a chat and a cuppa and let your dog relax.  We will talk you through everything before we do it and discuss what other options there are if you think there is something your dog might not be comfortable with.  The length of time in the pool will depend on many things such as fitness, ability, health issues and confidence so please don’t be disappointed if your dog’s first session in the pool is only for a few minutes.  Following your first session the Hydrotherapists will be able to advise you on a proposed treatment plan and how often you will need to attend.  Your following appointments will be for 30 minutes and time spent in the pool will increase as your dog’s fitness and ability improve.  We will never over swim a dog to fatigue and an average time spent in the pool will be approximately 20 minuets.